What Are Your Favorite Health and Fitness Apps?

It’s kind of insane how we basically, over night, became a generation that relies on technology. I know I’m certainly guilty of it. More so, my smart phone! If it weren’t for my smart phone, I probably wouldn’t be nearly as on point with my health and fitness goals as I am. This is a notion that kind of disappoints me. However, I’m very thankful for the technology I have at hand to keep me accountable and my butt in gear.

What Are Your Favorite Health and Fitness Apps?

What Are Your Favorite Health and Fitness Apps

These beauties are the best iPhone apps (in my opinion) for health and fitness: (in no particular order)

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The Eatery:

The Eatery is a neat little app that helps you monitor what you eat. The idea is to make yourself aware of what you are putting into your body.

You just snap a picture of what you’re eating, and people all over the world rate your food on a scale from 0-100 (0 being unhealthy or fat, 100 being healthy or fit). Then you get to rate other people’s entries. It’s easy and kind of addictive. haha. You just grab the photo and drag it along the line, dropping it in the area you think it belongs! The act of logging food might help you better understand or change your eating habits, but if it isn’t Having other people tell you exactly what their opinion of the things you put into your body, probably going to be. At the end of each week, you’ll get a grade report on your average health! Don’t like what you see? Well, now you have an awesome starting point for next week!


iMuscle is absolutely awesome. It opens up (for the first time, there is a brief description/summary of how to use the app to your benefit. This only happens upon the initial launch of the application) to a 3D image of the human body with all of its muscle groups.

Want to work on your abs? Just zoom in or tap on the region you want to work on today! This will bring up a list of exercises and stretches aimed at targeting that specific area! It comes with how-tos and tutorial videos if you aren’t familiar. This app isn’t only for working out and strength training. It’s also an amazing tool for rehabilitation. Coming off an injury? Target the region where your injury is located, and it lists stretches and strength-building exercises to aid you in getting back to your full potential! Creating two very different workout plans for Z and myself took less than 20 minutes! Whether for personal or professional use, this app is a must-have for all iPhone users.


This app is a really handy tool if you don’t know what’s in the foods you eat or want to know more! It’s easy to use, too! You can just scan the barcode of a food product you want to eat or purchase, and it will give you tons of information about the product. Weight Watchers Points. Nutritional Value and Rating. A list of other similar alternative options. There is even a pretty sweet food blog! Regularly updated with healthy eating tidbits!You can even make your grocery list right there on the application! Bing. Bang. Boom. This particular app has both a free and a paid version! Like what you see? Then buy the paid version to support the awesome creators behind this piece of technology!

Electric Miles

Electric Miles is an application powered by Daily Mile. It’s fairly basic, but it does most of the things you could need it to do! Did you just run 5 miles or do a strength training for 40 minutes? Electric Miles makes it simple for you to go on and log your workout. It even gives you the ability to describe it in more detail. With options such as inputting your time (it will automatically average your pace) and what specific activity you participated in,How you felt during it, and an area to type a detailed description…

But, more importantly, Daily Mile is a fantastic place to meet other fitness enthusiasts with similar interests and cheer each other on along the way!Send each other motivational messages such as “You’re an inspiration” or “Get well soon!” (Just to name a few)Not to mention how much accountability can help you motivate and drive yourself!


This app is a little pricey as far as apps go. However, it’s completely worth the couple of dollars, seeing as it does everything except run for you. I’m not even kidding! If you’re a fancy runner, or have the money (i.e. not me), I’m broke.) You can probably afford a Garmin, but with the advancement of technology on smart phones, it’s becoming less and less necessary. This cool app tracks your workout using GPS and an accelerometer based on your stride…It works even if  you lose GPS, making this tool easy to use both indoors and outdoors. Yes, this will work on a treadmill! It measures your time, your calories burned, distance, and how many steps you take during a workout! You can also connect via a heart rate monitor if that is how you prefer to do your workouts!  However, none of those

They are even my favorite part of this app! What is my favorite part, you ask? I CAN’T BELIEVE HOW SIMPLE IT IS TO CREATE AN INTERVAL WORKOUT!!!It allows you to create groups for your interval workouts. For example, you can put in a 10 minute warmup, 10 repeats of 10 minute per mile pace for 4 minutes followed by a 1 minute recovery… Then add in 20 minutes of steady running, and it will combine them to customize a workout for you! At the end of each interval, it will provide you with data for that particular section. Pace, length, distance, heart rate, and calories burned are all included!It even syncs with DailyMile to input your information with just the click of a button! If this thing had legs, it could literally train for you. It’s a beast.

So there you have it! A list of my five favorite health and fitness applications on my iPhone.

Now I want to hear from you! Whether you have an Android or an iPhone, I want to know what your favorite health and fitness applications are?!

5 Muscle Building Tips For Women in 2022

Muscle building for women is quite different in its strategy than that for men. Many women who train have two goals: to shed extra fat and create lean muscle tissue that do not appear too bulky. However, many women practice it the incorrect way. They in fact spend hours in the gym doing nonstop cardio programs to burn fat, then this is followed by light weight working out routines to help them build lean muscle. Although this is not a bad way to go about things, but it may be unneeded.

There exists a superb means for women to create muscles and burn fat. This program does not call for the same time and training requirement. The following are five tips for muscle building for women. For those who desire to shed extra fat and strengthen their bodies, these are doable and efficient techniques to reach your goals.

Be Mindful of Your Diet

In a muscle development program, what you eat holds the same magnitude as your exercise regimen. You have to monitor what you eat and make sure you get the right portions of lean protein, complex carbohydrates, and healthy fat (such as omega 3) to act as energy resources for your intense workout and to maximize your performance. Harmful food like packaged and processed foods must be totally eradicated from your diet because they are high in trans-fat and sugar.

Avoid Dehydration and Loss of Electrolytes

Whenever you exercise, you sweat a great deal and in the process your body loses water and electrolytes. It is thus important to replenish the lost water so as to prevent the risk of dehydration. Drinking 6 to 8 glasses of water a day is a must. The electrolytes you lose can’t be replaced by water alone. Electrolytes are very important elements can be taken from the food you eat and are necessary for the ideal function of your body. After working out for more than 40 minutes, eating a banana and/or drinking water with a pinch of salt can greatly assist in recovering potassium and sodium levels. For faster electrolyte replacement, you can opt for a sports drink.

Weight Training

Weight Loss And Healthy Dieting

Weight training exercise is not just designed for men. Carrying out exercises such as the bench press (for developing the chest muscles), squats (for the quadriceps and calves), dead lift (for the back and shoulders) and curls (for the arms) will help you in building lean muscle. These exercises can also help your body shed excess fat.

High Intensity Circuit Training

When you have found a strength training program you prefer, you’ll want to perform your routine in a high intensity circuit. You’ll be doing a variety of strength training exercises successively at a maximum exertion level. Staying pumped up and motivated to persistently stay with your program can be the most challenging element of any muscle building program for women. You may feel like stopping at first but you need to know that persistence plays a great aspect of any workout program. You must overcome this difficulty and continue on. Encourage a friend or family member, someone who can motivate you when you feel like giving up, to start the course with you, . With good nutrition and workout plan, along with plenty of water and motivation, building the body you’ve always wanted can be a lot easier than you think.

Many women want to achieve a toned and slim body. There are right ways to do muscle building for women. Doing the right way, you can always have the body you’ve been longing for.

Testosterone Booster – Complements Natural Testosterone Support

There’s no 2 means about it, testosterone is among the most essential bodily hormones we generate. Both males and females require this primary androgen, although guys requires concerning 10 times as much. In any instance, when degrees drop we experience, and if we intend to carry out at a higher level, you bet, we have to raise our overall levels.

Because of this, numerous are commonly seeking a quality testosterone level booster, however a high quality testosterone booster is something that numerous escapes. Let’s be clear right from the get go; There is just one absolute testosterone level enhancer, yet there are other things that can have a stimulating result.

While there is without a doubt only one real blue enhancer might be, the remaining products of impressive worth in greater than one means to make a distinction.

The easy testosterone Booster

To boost your total testosterone level levels in the simplest feasible method, all you have to do is your head and turn in. As we relaxed, this is when our degrees peak, and when we have or relax been previously refuted fall short our levels begin to decline and unfavorable stress bodily hormones to develop.

When you think of it, this does not come as a surprise, for we rest when this is when our physical body invigorates. If our physical body revitalizes when we rest, this is the best time for testosterone levels increase, such as testosterone is vital to bounce back. You’ve listened to the aged stating” you expand when you” rest and a great deal of this rotates around testosterone production.

In lots of means, sleep is nature’s supreme testosterone level booster, and to benefit from this benefit you should see to it that you obtain sufficient every evening.

Meals for testosterone level Booster

meal for testosterone

It is no secret, the meals that we eat plays a vital role in just how we perform. You ought to view your physical body sufficient calories to function, but calories are not nearly enough; also, you require the right stocks. While sleep attributes’s greatest testosterone booster is like wise a promoting effect, offers attributes in several of the foods we eat; This could especially be considereded as we take a look at the often ignored nutrients fatty tissue.

Fat is a very anabolic nutrient, and in numerous means a more vital function compared to carbs and healthy proteins. No, not all fats will have a total favorable impact, if there are five specific foods that have shown outstanding testosterone level improving meals. Such meals consist of:

Parts of Lean red meat
Entire eggs
Nuts & legumes
Peanut Butter

With these meals in our diet plan, our testosterone degrees will certainly rise, however that’s not all that they will do. This fatty tissue based meals will likewise highly provides electricity, such as fatty tissue the most secure source of power for all. Further, by its attributes, fatty tissue itself is as I stated really anabolic, and will dramatically help in both building and keeping lean cells.

When you quit and assume concerning it for two seconds this makes feeling; anabolic steroids seek all, fat based.

The true testosterone level Booster

Certain foods and rest, when it comes to what nature can supply, combined these 2 aspects stands for attributes’s best testosterone level booster. Nonetheless, all resting in the world combined with an excellent diet plan will certainly not come anywhere near to the true blue testosterone booster.

What would this enhancer that you ask? What else than testosterone level itself. We’re discussing the key Anabolic Androgenic Steroids testosterone level, and while there are many various types of pure testosterone, any type of will do. You can best diet regimen, you could practice your tail off and ensure you rest perfect, yet you never ever get the bump that simply a little exogenous testosterone could offer.

Several with this for factors that are as much sense as claiming make two plus two equal potato will argue, but you cant argue with the reality. Is the ideal point that you can do to provide your body testosterone level if you desire to increase your testosterone level degrees. If you are seeking a true blue testosterone level booster will be your best choices:

Testosterone level Cypionate
Testosterone ENANTHATE
Prime Male Reviews
Testosterone level suspension


Testogen Review | Sports Nutrition For Man

Ever feel envious of the other guys who are doing fantastic in their life? They look remarkable, keep their wives pleased, and their athletic capability fares far much better than the remainder of the guys. Don’t look down upon yourself because it’s not your fault. Your age is the genuine culprit here. Your age’s negative result on your testosterone levels has actually left you understanding at straws. As an outcome, you feel sluggish, irritable, and out of shape. In addition to this, your better half is dissatisfied with the way of life you have adopted. Exists a solution to your low testosterone nightmare?


The solution lies in the magnificent and all-natural bodybuilding supplement called TestoGen – Your rescuer when you need it the most!




Say hello to natural power! TestoGen includes NATURAL ingredients to boost your testosterone easily and securely. As you age, testosterone levels start to fall and it becomes more difficult to carry out at your best. Now you can do something about this safely and naturally. Improved testosterone will:

  • Boost your strength and endurance through enhanced muscle size.
  • Sharpen your focus whether at work or at play.
  • Eliminate tiredness, irritation, loss of concentration, and excess body fat.
  • Reverse loss of stamina, decreased muscle tone, and bad libido.
  • Delight in a brand-new release of potency as energy and stamina is brought back which is a DOUBLE advantage in your sex life. Make the bedroom an amazing place once again and somewhere you wish to be when you’re NOT worn out!
  • Your testosterone is boosted in an absolutely natural and safe method. No more synthetic “designer” steroids with their lots of adverse effects. Simply pure, natural active ingredients in the best mix to work efficiently.
  • You will swiftly see better muscle development, including essential lean muscle, and lose body fat as you train harder, more typically, and more longer. Put the bounce back in your step as your enthusiasm for life returns with a bang!
  • Be inspired and focused whatever you do, whether this is at work or when you are training or playing sport. Feel your concentration levels increase as your testosterone starts to build up and go to work in all kinds of favorable ways.


Guy- help is at hand! No more dragging yourself off to work and getting into arguments with any individual who takes a look at you the wrong way. No more feeling constantly tired, spending evenings dropped in front of the TELEVISION and utilizing the bedroom as a location to sleep. And just rest. No more finding reasons not to go to the gym or play five-a-side on Saturdays. Life is for a living!

TestoGen enhances your natural production of testosterone. Testosterone – it’s what makes you a man and it’s disappearing quickly to leave you feeling old prior to your time. Utilizing TestoGen will certainly turn the tide, raising your testosterone levels to give you all these advantages:

– Increased testosterone from making use of TestoGen will get your edge back. Up against competition at work or in sport? With much better concentration and focus you can go out, take on the opposition and win!

– Stimulate your sex drive to brand-new heights and enjoy the leading performance in the bedroom. It’s not just ladies who are too exhausted, or ‘have a headache some nights. Does this sound like you? Get your mojo back with TestoGen!

– Bid farewell to that body fat that’s difficult to move. Enhanced testosterone from taking TestoGen assists to reduce body fat, and hones body and mind. More inspiration in a more muscled body!

– Exercise more challenging and for longer with more energy, and feel GOOD. And while you’re at it, TestoGen testosterone booster cares for your heart by reducing cholesterol. What could be much better?

Ever rolled out of bed in the morning and questioned why you troubled? You do not look excellent. You don’t feel excellent. Flabby body, constantly tired, depressed… it’s not a surprise that life has actually palled for you and you don’t know ways to shake it off.

Did you understand that testosterone deficiency might be the problem? Testosterone is exactly what makes you a guy. A muscled-up, strong, virile, and positive guy who lives life to the full. TestoGen will certainly bring you back to the real you by raising your flagging testosterone levels securely and efficiently utilizing only natural components.


Testosterone boosters through LOTS of terrific, natural components are in TestoGen, in simply the correct amounts to do the task effectively. Have a look at these:

1. D-Aspartic Acid

is an amino acid regulatory authority that helps to produce hormones, including luteinizing hormone. This stimulates the production of testosterone and in turn, assists in the production of lean muscle and a general boost in strength and stamina. It may even help your metabolic rate and your libido will absolutely get a kick from it!

2. Ginseng Extract

is taken from the root of the plant and is a popular aphrodisiac offering it the alternative name of “man root”. It is likewise a sexual libido stimulator that can secure the testes from damage by dioxins, assisting in strong erections. In TestoGen it offers you a strong feel-good aspect to sharpen you both physically and mentally, making you ready to tackle anything!

3. Tribulus Terrestris

also called ‘Devil’s Claw’ is an herb drawn from the most popular, driest places on earth. It doesn’t look like much in its natural state but it has some remarkable homes. It contains steroidal saponin and has been made use of standard Asian medication for centuries. it is known for its testosterone-boosting qualities and its ability to help develop muscle and reproductive tissue.

4. Vitamin D

this is a group known as the secosteroids – and TestoGen uses vitamin D3, cholecalciferol. Cholecalciferol can lift your free testosterone level (testosterone that is not attached to a protein, so it’s floating around in your bloodstream) and in addition to that, it can slow down the rate of testosterone converting into estrogen. It’s a great deal.

5. Fenugreek

is a natural herb with libido-enhancing, testosterone-boosting seeds. Fenugreek is a safe, natural way to enhance your strength, stamina, and vigor as it increases insulin release which assists enhance muscles. Fenugreek also has powerful antioxidant properties to ensure those hazardous free radicals are kept at bay so your body can work efficiently.

6. Selenium

is a natural, trace element discovered in the soil which is included in TestoGen through sodium selenite? Selenium makes lots of important procedures in the bodywork properly and helps to enhance the effect of anti-oxidants, essential for optimal health by getting rid of contaminants from your body. It can reduce your blood pressure too if it’s currently on the high side.

7. Vitamin B

is an amino acid group; in fact, the word vitamin comes from ‘vital amines’ and vitamins are organic substances necessary for good health. Vitamin B converts carb into energy and TestoGen contains 3 types – B2, B5, and B6. Vitamin B2 (riboflavin) helps in energy production and as such, is in some energy beverages; B5 (calcium pantothenate) supports the adrenal gland by assisting to launch the steroid hormone cortisol, providing you energy; B6 (pyridoxine hydrochloride) works in the liver to assist the amino acid metabolic process and is associated with making the feel-good element serotonin in the brain.

8. Zinc Gluconate

is a truly effective testosterone booster and popular aphrodisiac; zinc is a significant part of oysters. It’s likewise vital for keeping your sperm healthy and responsible for a whole lot of bodily functions working effectively. You can lose zinc through sweat so it’s crucial to keep your levels topped up if you enjoy fitness – or other activity that makes you sweat!

Why put up with being miserable, losing your sex drive and vigor when the response is to take TestoGen? Why look down at an enhancing role of fat below a loose and flabby chest when the answer is to take TestoGen? You can turn your life around with TestoGen and reap all the advantages of increased testosterone. Safe, natural active ingredients in a unique blend that will certainly make all the distinction. Feel on top of the world with energy, focus, and concentration that you thought was opted forever.

**How it Functions?**

So – how can you get all this power from the purely natural components in TestoGen?

Here’s the science bit.
Testosterone is exactly what’s known as a steroid hormone. It’s exactly what makes a guy, a guy. (The ladies have a small amount too but let’s not go there). It begins prior to you are born, peaks at puberty however then drop off as you get older. Here’s simply just how much you lose, and how swiftly:

Does not look excellent, does it? It’s especially a problem if physical fitness and muscles are essential to you, however, it will certainly strike you in all sorts of other ways also. You’ll face a downward spiral as your testosterone levels downturn.

  • Failing sex drive (not to mention your pride and joy because department) however hot your partner is.
  • Tiredness and depression.
  • Fat starting to develop around your waist.
  • Your concentration and memory are not exactly what they are utilized to be.

The unique mix of components in TestoGen has actually been thoroughly sourced, determined, and combined to give you exceptional lead in an entirely safe and natural way.

Boost your testosterone levels safely and naturally by taking TestoGen every day. It will certainly suit your everyday regular effortlessly and soon you’ll be seeing just how effective it is!

But now you can do something about it easily. Use TestoGen, the natural and safe way to put these problems behind you and LIVE again!

With TestoGen you should see the outcomes of boosted testosterone in lots of methods:

  • Stimulated libido and motivation.
  • Reinforced muscle mass and more lean muscle.
  • Developed performance, both physical and mental.
  • Slimmed-down body fat specifically around the waist, as well as reduced cholesterol and lower blood pressure.

**Where do you deliver to?**

We deliver to any place you are in the world, as long as there is an address – and delivery is totally FREE! Quick, discrete shipment right to your door. All you need to do is buy the amount you want and relax while we organize to obtain it for you as quickly as we can.

You will not be waiting long prior to you have TestoGen in your hands and can look forward to enhanced strength, stamina, stimulated sex drive, and inspiration. That’s the TestoGen effect!


The natural ingredients in TestoGen have been thoroughly checked so they are safe to use yet completely reliable. Forget synthetic, manufactured steroids and their possible unpleasant side effects – go for the natural way to increase your testosterone. The distinct combination of eight active ingredients in TestoGen works to give you strength and endurance not to mention honing you up so you can take anything on, at any time. Eight safe, active ingredients (and nothing else that we haven’t mentioned) with the power to make YOU active in body and mind.
It’s easy to use – you can need four pills a day with food that suits your everyday routine effortlessly.

With all these benefits and a 60-day cash back assurance, what are you waiting for? Get your testosterone powered up now with the help of TestoGen!

And remember our 60-day assurance. We would not make a guarantee like that unless we were 100 % sure about the efficiency of TestoGen. Marches on – say goodbye to the essential negatives in your life and begin living again.

**Modification your life with TestoGen**

Testogen is so easy to use and being an absolutely natural testosterone booster, you won’t risk any undesirable side-effects. Simply take one pill with a dish, as much as four times a day. That’s all you need to do.

How To Increase Testosterone in 2021

Ways to Increase Your Testosterone Naturally

Want to increase your testosterone naturally?  Who wouldn’t, testosterone, commonly known as the male sex hormone, has many benefits for the body. Proper levels of testosterone can ensure healthy bone density, prevent prostate cancer, and is even reputed to lengthen the lifespan. This means that learning how to increase testosterone can be a valuable skill.


Learn To Manage Your Stress

Proper stress management is crucial in learning how to increase your testosterone. Stress is one of the harshest conditions you can put your body under, often impairing many vital functions. Low levels of testosterone caused by stress can inhibit your body’s natural testosterone production and even cause impotency. You will often find that any sexual drive you may have had becomes replaced by fatigue. Reducing your stress levels can help correct this imbalance. Make sure you allow yourself time to relax. Set aside a bit of time in your schedule to work on a favorite hobby, or consider learning how to meditate. When the stress is removed from your body, your body will naturally increase testosterone production.

How To Increase Testosterone

All-Natural Supplements

Want to increase your testosterone now? There are supplements you can take that are safe and natural that will increase your testosterone and give you the boost that you are looking for.  Here is a list of supplements to look out for that can naturally increase your testosterone.

D-Apartic Acid

This supplement is becoming one of the most widely used when it comes to ways to increase your testosterone levels.  This is an acid that essentially plays a role in synthesizing luteinizing hormone (LH) and testosterone. This acid also has been shown to directly increase testosterone production in the testes.

Tribulus Terestris

This supplement is one of the most widely used supplements when it comes to boosting testosterone.  It is an extract from a plant found in Europe, Australia, Asia, and Africa.  It contains compound steroidal saponins that can increase testosterone.  Its active ingredient is protodioscin.  This ingredient boosts levels via the stimulation of the pituitary gland.    Tribulus Terestris has been used by bodybuilders for years in efforts to increase muscle mass, fat loss, strength, and stamina.

Eurycoma Longifolia (Longjack)

Eurycoma Longifolia is a herb that is commonly found in Indonesia and is widely used to try to increase testosterone levels.  Testosterone in the body is bound by a protein called SHBG (sex hormone-binding globulin).  Only free testosterone gives the effect attributed to the hormone, so the hormone bounded to SHBG does the body no good.  It is believed that Eurycoma Longfolia captures SHBG and prevents it from binding with free testosterone. It is also found to increase recovery time from fatigue and increase strength.

Epimedium (Horny Goat Weed)

Horny Goat Weed has long been used in China for its benefits on the body.  This plant contains the active ingredient icariin.  Test studies on rats with this ingredient have shown the levels of testosterone to increase threefold.  Horny Goat Weed also contains the ingredients PDE-5 and contain other similar compounds that are found in erectile dysfunction drugs. So this may increase your libido.


ZMA is actually three different ingredients that can help up your levels of testosterone. ZMA has Zinc, Magnesium, and Vitamin B6.  The body needs more Zinc for active males to help recover from physical activity. Magnesium has over 300 enzymatic reactions in the body, which one of the most important is protein synthesis, critical in building muscle.  The last ingredient of ZMA is Vitamin B6.  This vitamin is also very important in protein synthesis.  It is recommended that ZMA is taken before bedtime, which is when the body recovers from physical activity.

Anti-Estrogens (Aromatase Inhibitors)

For optimum testosterone effects when taking supplements, you will need something that will lower your estrogen.  Yes, guys, we do have estrogen too.  There is an enzyme in the body that will turn testosterone into estrogen called aromatase.  So it is key to lower the effects of this enzyme.  Two supplements you can take that will give the desired effects are DIM (Diindolylmethane) and crying.

If you are looking for supplements to take consider these ingredients when you are doing your shopping.  With a little work, diet, and some supplementation, you can increase your testosterone and be back to feeling young again in no time.

Avoid Excess Alcohol

Alcohol is well known for its ability to hinder sexual drive while you are under its influence, however frequent alcohol consumption can make it hard for you to increase your testosterone.  Studies have shown that individuals who frequently consume alcohol have lower levels of testosterone than those who abstain or only drink occasionally. If you find yourself drinking on more than just social occasions, it may be what is causing your low testosterone. Consider cutting down on your drinking for a while and see if you can see a difference.

Shed Those Extra Pounds.

Obesity has many adverse health effects, one of which is increased levels of estrogen. Estrogen is the female sex hormone, and when levels are high, it will become very difficult to increase your testosterone. Improving your diet and adding an exercise program can help combat these effects. As a bonus, your whole body will be healthier and you will have more energy to do what you enjoy. We all know how hard it can be to shed those pounds around the waist, especially as we grow older. To learn about a program that gives you the diet advice and workout you need to lose that problem area, check this out.

Increase The Healthy Fats In Your Diet

While it may seem counter-intuitive to increase fats in your diet when obesity is a cause of lower testosterone, the key is in the type of fat. Omega 3 fats, also known as fatty acids are beneficial to your body and can even help increase your testosterone. Some healthy sources of these fats include flaxseed oil, fish, and avocados. Not only will you see an improvement in your testosterone levels, but you will also improve your heart health.

Maintaining proper levels of testosterone in your body is crucial to good health. If you are looking to learn how to boost testosterone, try these natural methods first before you turn to supplements. If you are unsure if you need more testosterone, talk to your doctor and get tested.