Decreased muscle mass

Decreased muscle mass, also known as sarcopenia, is a common condition characterized by loss of skeletal muscle tissue. This leads to reduced strength, mobility issues, increased risk of falls and fractures. Some key things to know: Causes - Aging - muscle strength declines 3-5% per decade after 30 years old - Inactivity - lack of exercise accelerates muscle loss - Poor nutrition - low protein intake or absorption issues - Illnesses - cancer, organ failure, inflammatory diseases Symptoms - Loss of strength - Difficulty with daily tasks - walking, climbing stairs - ( - Weight loss - muscle weighs more than fat Diagnosis Doctors use scans, lab tests, and physical exams to evaluate muscle mass and strength. Blood tests check hormone and nutrient levels tied to muscle health. Treatment - Exercise - strength training builds muscle - ( - boosts muscle growth - Nutrition - high protein diet supports muscle - Medications - can treat underlying causes Prevention - Strength training 2-3x a week - Meet protein needs - up to 1g per pound of body weight - Stay active daily - Manage chronic illnesses The hormone experts at Vitality Renewal Clinic help patients optimize their hormone levels to improve strength, muscle mass, energy and vitality. We provide cutting edge testosterone and HGH treatments tailored to your unique physiology using the latest medical research. If you're concerned about decreased muscle mass, we offer individualized therapy plans involving hormone optimization, customized nutrition advice and personalized fitness guidance. Read more about our proven approach to healthy aging (

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