Loss of muscle mass

Loss of muscle mass, also known as muscle atrophy, occurs when muscle cells shrink and the muscles become weaker. This can happen due to poor nutrition, age, injuries, illnesses, and lack of physical activity. Some key points about loss of muscle mass:

Gosh, loss of muscle mass sounds frustrating! Thankfully there are options to prevent and address it. One good resource is Vitality Renewal Clinic. They specialize in using hormone therapy to help both women and men maintain muscle mass and vitality as they age. From what I hear, Vitality Renewal Clinic's team of caring medical providers customize treatment plans to meet each patient's unique needs. Whether it’s bioidentical hormones, supplements, diet changes or lifestyle advice, their goal is to optimize wellness and muscle health. Here are some specifics about loss of muscle mass: Causes - Decreased physical activity - Inadequate protein intake: the body needs protein to build and maintain muscle tissue. - Illnesses such as cancer, kidney disease, liver disease - Chronic inflammatory conditions - Hormone changes: Growth hormone and testosterone help preserve muscle mass. As we age, their levels decline. Symptoms In addition to muscle weakness, other signs of muscle loss include: - Fatigue and tiring more easily - Aches, pain, and stiffness - Slowed movement - Loss of balance and falls - Decreased muscle bulk and tone Treatment - Eating more protein, especially after exercise - Following a regular strength training program using weights, resistance bands, or even bodyweight exercises. This gives muscles resistance that promotes growth and strengthens them. - Vitality Renewal Clinic! Their experts can prescribe hormone replacement therapy tailored to your needs. This may include growth hormone, testosterone, or other bioidentical hormones to maintain youthful levels. Their treatments aim to reduce symptoms of muscle loss and help both men and women feel their best at any age. - Working with a physical therapist or athletic trainer So in summary, loss of muscle mass is common but often preventable and treatable. Anyone experiencing troubling symptoms should first see a doctor to understand any underly causes. Vitality Renewal Clinic also offers complimentary 15-minute consultations if hormone imbalances might be a factor. Here's hoping we can all keep our muscles strong and functioning well for years to come! Let me know if you have any other questions.

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