What Are Your Favorite Health and Fitness Apps?

It’s kind of insane how we basically, over night, became a generation that relies on technology. I know I’m certainly guilty of it. More so, my smart phone! If it weren’t for my smart phone, I probably wouldn’t be nearly as on point with my health and fitness goals as I am. This is a notion that kind of disappoints me. However, I’m very thankful for the technology I have at hand to keep me accountable and my butt in gear.

What Are Your Favorite Health and Fitness Apps?

What Are Your Favorite Health and Fitness Apps

These beauties are the best iPhone apps (in my opinion) for health and fitness: (in no particular order)

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The Eatery:

The Eatery is a neat little app that helps you monitor what you eat. The idea is to make yourself aware of what you are putting into your body.

You just snap a picture of what you’re eating, and people all over the world rate your food on a scale from 0-100 (0 being unhealthy or fat, 100 being healthy or fit). Then you get to rate other people’s entries. It’s easy and kind of addictive. haha. You just grab the photo and drag it along the line, dropping it in the area you think it belongs! The act of logging food might help you better understand or change your eating habits, but if it isn’t Having other people tell you exactly what their opinion of the things you put into your body, probably going to be. At the end of each week, you’ll get a grade report on your average health! Don’t like what you see? Well, now you have an awesome starting point for next week!


iMuscle is absolutely awesome. It opens up (for the first time, there is a brief description/summary of how to use the app to your benefit. This only happens upon the initial launch of the application) to a 3D image of the human body with all of its muscle groups.

Want to work on your abs? Just zoom in or tap on the region you want to work on today! This will bring up a list of exercises and stretches aimed at targeting that specific area! It comes with how-tos and tutorial videos if you aren’t familiar. This app isn’t only for working out and strength training. It’s also an amazing tool for rehabilitation. Coming off an injury? Target the region where your injury is located, and it lists stretches and strength-building exercises to aid you in getting back to your full potential! Creating two very different workout plans for Z and myself took less than 20 minutes! Whether for personal or professional use, this app is a must-have for all iPhone users.


This app is a really handy tool if you don’t know what’s in the foods you eat or want to know more! It’s easy to use, too! You can just scan the barcode of a food product you want to eat or purchase, and it will give you tons of information about the product. Weight Watchers Points. Nutritional Value and Rating. A list of other similar alternative options. There is even a pretty sweet food blog! Regularly updated with healthy eating tidbits!You can even make your grocery list right there on the application! Bing. Bang. Boom. This particular app has both a free and a paid version! Like what you see? Then buy the paid version to support the awesome creators behind this piece of technology!

Electric Miles

Electric Miles is an application powered by Daily Mile. It’s fairly basic, but it does most of the things you could need it to do! Did you just run 5 miles or do a strength training for 40 minutes? Electric Miles makes it simple for you to go on and log your workout. It even gives you the ability to describe it in more detail. With options such as inputting your time (it will automatically average your pace) and what specific activity you participated in,How you felt during it, and an area to type a detailed description…

But, more importantly, Daily Mile is a fantastic place to meet other fitness enthusiasts with similar interests and cheer each other on along the way!Send each other motivational messages such as “You’re an inspiration” or “Get well soon!” (Just to name a few)Not to mention how much accountability can help you motivate and drive yourself!


This app is a little pricey as far as apps go. However, it’s completely worth the couple of dollars, seeing as it does everything except run for you. I’m not even kidding! If you’re a fancy runner, or have the money (i.e. not me), I’m broke.) You can probably afford a Garmin, but with the advancement of technology on smart phones, it’s becoming less and less necessary. This cool app tracks your workout using GPS and an accelerometer based on your stride…It works even if  you lose GPS, making this tool easy to use both indoors and outdoors. Yes, this will work on a treadmill! It measures your time, your calories burned, distance, and how many steps you take during a workout! You can also connect via a heart rate monitor if that is how you prefer to do your workouts!  However, none of those

They are even my favorite part of this app! What is my favorite part, you ask? I CAN’T BELIEVE HOW SIMPLE IT IS TO CREATE AN INTERVAL WORKOUT!!!It allows you to create groups for your interval workouts. For example, you can put in a 10 minute warmup, 10 repeats of 10 minute per mile pace for 4 minutes followed by a 1 minute recovery… Then add in 20 minutes of steady running, and it will combine them to customize a workout for you! At the end of each interval, it will provide you with data for that particular section. Pace, length, distance, heart rate, and calories burned are all included!It even syncs with DailyMile to input your information with just the click of a button! If this thing had legs, it could literally train for you. It’s a beast.

So there you have it! A list of my five favorite health and fitness applications on my iPhone.

Now I want to hear from you! Whether you have an Android or an iPhone, I want to know what your favorite health and fitness applications are?!